Package suvi.alg.policies

Various implementations of the policies that the layout algorithm chassis uses.


Interface Summary
HeuristicNodeOrderingPolicy.Heuristic A heuristic for reducing edge crossings in a way or another.
HeuristicNodeOrderingPolicy.HeuristicContext Information on the context in which a heuristics is being performed.
HeuristicNodeOrderingPolicy.HeuristicFactory A Factory [Gamma1995] for creating a heuristic in a context.
HeuristicNodePositioningPolicy.Heuristic A heuristic for positioning nodes.
HeuristicNodePositioningPolicy.HeuristicContext Information on the context in which a heuristic is being performed.
HeuristicNodePositioningPolicy.HeuristicFactory A Factory [Gamma1995] for creating a heuristic in a context.
LinearComponentLayoutPolicy.Orderer Determines the order of component graph layouts.
PolicyClassesConstants Contains arrays of all policy classes in this package.

Class Summary
ExplicitNodeRankingPolicy Assigns ranks according to an explicit ranking provided by the client.
HeuristicNodeOrderingPolicy A generalized policy for ordering nodes using heuristics for reducing edge crossings.
HeuristicNodePositioningPolicy A generalized policy for positioning nodes using heuristics.
LinearComponentLayoutPolicy Generalized linear (side-by-side) component layout policy.
LinearComponentLayoutPolicy.LeftRightAlternatingOrdererDecorator Produces a new permutation by alternatingly putting the next index to the left or to the right of the resulting permutation.
LinearComponentLayoutPolicy.SortingOrderer Produces a sorted permutation of the indices based on an ordering predicate on Dimensions.
NodeOrderingPolicyWithTransposeDecorator Computes the ordering both using the preprocessed graph and the transposed preprocessed graph and returns the ordering that has fewer edge crossings.
NodeRankingPolicyWithGroupingDecorator Groups the nodes of the original and augmented graphs before passing them to the decorated node ranking policy, then augments the ranking produced by the original node ranking policy before returning it.
NodeRankingPolicyWithPartialOrderDecorator Augments the preprocessed graph with a partial order and updates the graph topology before passing them to the node ranking policy.
OptimalNodePositioningPolicy Assigns optimal node positions minimizing the weighted sum of deviations from the main flow trend.
OptimalNodeRankingPolicy Assigns optimal ranks minimizing the sum of edge weights (EdgeWeightAttr) while respecting minimum edge length constraints (EdgeMinLengthAttr).
SimplisticCenteringNodePositioningPolicy Nodes in a rank are placed side-by-side separated by minimum gap and centered; Ranks are stacked top-to-bottom separated by minimum gap measured from tallest nodes of each rank; Ranks are centered relative to the widest rank.
SimplisticEdgeRoutingPolicy Calculates the BSpline representations of edges.
SimplisticNodeOrderingPolicy Orders nodes by performing a DFS on the graph considering nodes in increasing order of rank.
SimplisticNodePositioningPolicy Calculates coordinates of all nodes in a graph.
SimplisticNodeRankingPolicy Assigns ranks by considering nodes in decreasing DFS finishing order and selecting the minimum rank for each node that does not create backwards going edges.
SplineEdgeRoutingPolicy unfinished

Package suvi.alg.policies Description

Various implementations of the policies that the layout algorithm chassis uses.