Suvi: Project Dependencies

Suvi uses the JavaUtils-library, whose jar-file is automatically included in Suvi-releases.

The JUnit-framework is used by the unit tests, but you don't need the unit tests to use the library. If you need the unit tests, you need to download and install the JUnit-framework.

The graph parser used by the testing application uses:

but you don't need the testing application to use the library. If you wan't to use the testing application, you will need to install both of the above generators. If you are using Debian, you might be delighted to hear that that both of them are available as Debian packages (named cup and jflex).

Note: Neither the unit tests, nor the testing application, are included in the prebuilt lib/suvi.jar-package included with releases, because the jar-file is intended to be used as a minimal library to be distributed with applications. The prebuilt classes-directory does contain the unit tests and testing application, because the classes-directory is intended for development purposes and not designed to be included with applications.

Last modified: Tue Dec 16 06:10:30 EET 2003